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a. Choose 20 people from your friends list by using randomizer.org.

b. Write something about/to each of them.
c. Don't tell anyone who the statements are about. Good or bad. No matter how they beg!
d. But please do try to guess. That's what makes this fun! (And do tell if they guess correctly!)

1. A person who's been my friend online for a long time! First met when you e-mailed me :3

2. You're a day younger than me and the fact that you like MLP makes me take trips down memory lane to the time when I had some :3

3. Yu-Gi-Oh and Prince of Tennis fan! :D Has an anime blog!

4. I love your crossover art *___* I also watch you on DA!

5. Fellow Yu-Gi-Oh/Naruto/Bleach fan whom I am helping with GX caps for her site and HQ DVD GX files for her subbing group!

6. First met you on the Pokévalley Oekaki and became friends through DA :3 Has a huge love for animals!

7. You're the art blog of another member of the fm_alchemist community! XDDD

8. You don't watch my journal but you were a fellow member of the Fruit Patch oekaki anyway! :D

9. Fellow Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fan and member of the GX RP! You dislike cameras!

10. You like the FubukixRyou pairing! XDDD

11. Another long time internet friend, fellow Pokémon/Digimon fan who lives in Norway!

12. You're a scans journal that belongs to someone I met through the fm_alchemist community. I need to put up those Digimon scans you let me use XD

13. Someone who friended just recently and who I friended back, another fellow fan of Pokémon/Yu-Gi-Oh/FMA/Digimon ect.

14. Someone who I watched on DA cos your art is amazing *___* Fan of Yu-Gi-Oh/FMA/One Piece/Gundam Seed

15. Someone who I again met through DA! I found your art on there and watched you and in turn became great friends! We both like sharing MP3s and I promise I'll get those pokemon episodes encoded for yoooooou~~~~!

16. Member of WtW who lives in Ireland! We talk on MSN and you introduced me to the Mai-Hime anime (*I need to stop being so lazy/busy with work to download the episodes XD*)

17. Taito/Takouji!!! XD I adore your art!

18. Another member from ze Fruit Patch! You like Teen Titans!! :D

19. Your art has such a lovely unique style *___* Your birthday is soon! (*25th Aug*)

20. Another fellow Yu-Gi-Oh fan! You're the very last person on my friends list XD

Well those are all way obvious XD

Also I'll do this Meme too cos I feel like it!

Computer Privacy Meme

1. Leave a comment asking to see a part of my computer
2. It can be anything--My Documents, My Computer, Desktop, My Images, etc., including programs, stories, and images
3. I will take a screenshot of what you requested and reply with a link to the image
4. Post this in your own LJ

Togepi will sleep now!!
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