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Not as great as I thought...

Well one of these days I'll learn not to get my hopes up....looks like the trip to the dams may very well not happen >>; If it's not cos of the fact that Wednesday and Thursday have a crappy outlook weather wise my dad now also has an ingrowing toenail --;;; There's always Saturday but I doubt we'll go then and I doubt my dad wants to go now anyway.
This is the third time going up there has failed... blah... --;;;

Also my search for the 6th Pokémon Movie OST isn't doing so well O_O; I realized I'd never get it without asking other people, one person on the pokemon community said they'd send it to me but they haven't yet. If they don't by the end of the week I might PM them about it, but I hate sounding pushy and stuff >>; I also just posted a request at the Janime forums but I think my post will most likely get burid under all the ones for yugioh episodes ect.
Does any one on my friends list have it by any chance? *Looks hopeful* I've been looking for it for over a year >>;;;

Man, I was so looking forward to this week...

I think I might go and see if I can work this DVD burner of mine, I have things I need to burn for people and send off this week.
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