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It's Daitokuji-sensei! Nya~!

Once again I've been sketching pictures that will probably take me forever to get round to finishing them. I drew Daitokuji last night :3 But I'm not as happy with the pic as I wanted to be cos I wanted to make him be reading a book or soemthing but that task proved too difficult to draw at 1-2am in the morning XD
I like how his face came out though so I plan something different for this picture :3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah, used a heavy refrence for it but it's the first time I've tried to draw him proparly outside of crappy doodles XD
I did a doodle of Jirachi at work the other day too XD

Today's Pokémon episode was funny! Pokémons from outside space!! :o The return of the "Pokémon Mystery Club" was nice and apparently there is a Nurse Hoy Perfume (*Nurse Joy no. 5*) that all the Nurse Joys wear...
...no suprise that it's Brock's favoruite XD

Next weeks episode is the one with the Snorlax in the Slakoth's banana garden! YAAAY! Ooooh and the one after that is the one where Pikachu loses it's memory and joins Team Rocket! That one is gonna be goooooood~~~!

Talking of GX and Pokémon, the other night I had a dream where Giovanni of Team Rocket made a Homunculus. Butch and Cassidy found out and got all nervous. They go and see the boss in his office and try to pretend they don't know, but Giovanni leaves his paperwork about the Homunculus out on a table and when Cassidy sees it she freezes up, then Giovanni comes up behind her all evil like and says "You should have come into my office when you knew I wasn't here" :o

Well, have to get ready for work now =p
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