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I have FINALLY updated my art site with the rest of the pictures from my photo trip to Clumber Park! You will find them under the photo section at:
I also updated with the few art pieces I have finished over the past few weeks, including my Shou/BMG one :3

If all goes well my dad should be taking me to the Derwent Dam next week, a place I've been wanting to go all summer! It's up into the Peak District so there are lots of steep hills and beautiful scenery up there :3 I've been up to the Derwent dam about two or three times before now. Twice on school trips. I think my first time was when I went on a week long school trip to Buxton back when I was about 11 I think, on the way back I believe we stopped at the dams and I remember one of the times I went they had jet planes fly between the dam (*Kind of demonstrating how they used to do that when practise dropping "Bouncing" bombs back in World War Two I believe*) I think I also went once with my dad before now as well. So that'll be a nice place for taking photos ^^

Also next Sunday my home town is having some kind of festival being held not too far from my house. I may take my camera to that too. Apparently there is gonna be a huge fun fair there! Wheeeee~~~!
So here's hoping for nice weather this next coming week :3

Just two more days at work to go before I have three days off and quite possibly go to the dam! YAAAY!
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