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Ha! April Fools Day :p

Man this day can be fun but I'm the type who'll forget it's April fools day sevreal times in just that one day and jokes will get me for a while before I realize what day it is. Luckily I was only fooled by one which was on the site Naruto Fan, they announced 4kids had licenced naruto and I believed it at first before I read the comments on it and I was like "April Fools day, why didn't I remember" *lol*
That defiantly is the best joke I've seen all day, Hehehe...

The Power went off at work too, that is always amusing but that wasn't an April Fools joke that was just Sainsbury's crappy electrcity system. It's funny cos the tills and stuff won't work and everyone is stood there like idiots THEN when they got them working again they had to put me on a till to try and get queues down and they put me on one that didn't work XD

Tomorrow I think I'll take a walk into town for no real reason besides the fact I need to stop sitting in front of this computer as much as I am ^^; I guess I need to find some frames for some pictures I printed off the computer to go up in my brother's old room....if we EVER get round to that -_-;;

Oh and today my mum was stupid enough to use a steamer around a plug or some thing and made it spark which freaked my brother out XD He had to turn the electricity off at their house, poor guy came over here and he did seem pretty freaked.
Ya know for a person who has a mind full of useless information my mum doesn't seem to have a good winde for useful stuff ^^; Least nothing bad happened.

Oh well I hope everyone had an intresting April Fools day :p
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