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Just a lot of random stuff!! XD

Earlier I caught the bottom of my thumb on the edge of the frying pan and now I have a lovely red mark there XD At least it's not hurting as much now, also I seem to be getting ants in my room >>; At least it's only the odd one now and then and unlike spiders, I'm not scared of ants.
Talking of spiders, they seem to love me right now. While at work a really small one was in my hair >>; Luckily the really really small ones I'm not scared of, it's just when they get bigger than that XD Then there was one in the toilets in the locker room, that one was bigger >>; Meeep! Safe to say I retreated from it very quickly.

Anyway insects and all things creepy crawly aside I just watched this weeks Pokémon episode where Drew and May face off against each other to catch an Arcanine! YAY! Though it turns out the Arcanine is actually a mummy to three Growlithe so neither Drew or May caught the Arcanine (*Or any of the Growlithes*)
Drew and May sure make a great team when they battle together though :D
A Psyduck is in the next episode! X3 Eeee! Psyduck's rock!
Oh yeah and also...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
...this guy looks like he's Hayato's extremly angry uncle or something :D He likes to employ Team Rocket and then shout at them.

Watched episode 43 of Bleach last night too (*And most of episode 44*)...they still haven't rescued Rukia yet it seems XD I got a little bored cos that was kinda dragging a bit for me, although I'm gonna try and keep up with the show now. Damn Ishida was freakin awesome during these episodes X3
That Death God he was fighting against is scary O____o;

I have so many things I need to do and I hate it that my video programe can't encode into .rm without it screwing up the sound >_< And I really don't like Windows Movie Maker or whatever it is....peh...

I think I'll procrastinate now and make icons or something XDD Or, ya know, sleep...sleep is good...
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