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Parody Two Part Special!!

Last night before I went to bed I moved a towel I happened to have on the end of it and saw a spider and then I freaked out >>; I had to get my dad but after that he couldn't find the damn thing...he shook the duvet and stuff anyway. Safe to say I didn't sleep well last night XP

Anyway the parodies for both episode 45 and 46 are up in a two parter special. These parodies I tended to go in the way of the angst though XD It was too tempting to play angsty Juudai, it really was X3

http://www.szfsoft.com/sapphireluna/togepi/gx/gx.htm <---For ze single files

http://s43.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3K0UAUM8BFN9B0N6Z0LKYG5S2V <--- For the full file!

I really hope these work cos for some of them I have to stop and play them a few times before the actual picture of the video appears >>; Hopefully none of you will have the same problem.
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