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Daitokuji drives a bus!

For some odd reason when I worry about being late for work I dream about it XD But in my dream I was watching a GX episode and got carried away with it.
The "episode" I was watching was apparently an "old" one yet it was just a random episode my mind made up XD

Basiclly Daitokuji takes the kids out on some field trip to some place. Now the first thing I remember Daitokuji driving a bus, everyone else is off except for whoever I'm seeing this through the eyes of. Now apparently Daitokuji can't drive buses very well Juudai and co know this so they stand at the entrence he's supposed to go down but Daitokuji goes down the next road instead, runs over a barrier and almost runs over people XD
Juudai is like "Daitokuji-sensei's driving does it again!!"

So after this, Daitokuji takes them into a room where they find small gold pieces that they put together to make a small tablet with engravings on them. After this Daitokuji introduces then to a bunch of people in suits who in my mind are supposed to represent the 7 stars O_o;; At this point the person who i'm seeing through the eyes of drops something on the floor and spots a spider so picks up whatever they've dropped and stands up straight away XD
Oh well they spend a lot of time waiting for another person in a suit who is late.

Later on, Juudai, Shou and Hayato are walking about when they here Daitokuji's voice. They hide behind a hill thing that Daitokuji and the leader of the suit people are stood on top of, talking. At this point my mind makes them talk in Japanese so I can't understand what Daitokuji is saying >>; He's being all mysterious and stuff though XD Juudai and co over here everything.

It'd then I realize I'm like an hour late for work so I wake my dad up (*Took me a while*) and I go in the shower but afterwards finds out the hairdryer is struggling to work. I manage to dry my hair somehow and we go off to work, but first we do shopping O_O; I then go to apologize to the checkout supervisor and she gives me some shopping that was on my dads list (*Which he's gotten anyway*) I take it anyway XD Then I find my dad shopping with some lady I don't know O_O

Yep another weird dream from me :D
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