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Togepi is easilly amused at 4am in the morning...

Okay i should have gone to bed a looooooooooooong time ago but i decided to sort out my MP3s instead. While going through my random anime collection and putting them in the right folders I came across an MP3 that I had downloaded AGES ago (*Like early 2003 I think*) It was off a Digimon Frontier site hosted by a girl from Japan I think, twas in English though.

Anyway she hosted MP3s and stuff from other things occasionally. Although I haven't a CLUE what this song actually came from (*Game? Anime? Whatever*) I remember thinking is was possibly Shounen-ai/Yaoi related due to the images I saw on the site at that time XD Anyway I only downloaded the MP3 cos Kouichi Kimura's Japanese VA (*Suzumura Ken'ichi*) sung part of it. I never paid attention to the other guy singing it, until I saw it today that was...

...it's Kouichi singing with Daitokuji-sensei!
And in Togepi's crack crossover mind at 4am, that's amusing! HA!

Ya see before GX started I had never heard of Yamaguchi Kappei, it was only after he started playing Daitokuji in GX did I learn of his other roles and such. Thus I only reconized the second singers name on the song today XD;;

He sounds like a really young Daitokuji in this song XD

Anyway I really should go to bed and not bore you with anymore of my crappy ramblings. But if you want to hear Kouichi and Daitokuji Ken'ichi and Kappei sing together, then I'll upload and post the song tomorrow :3
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