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Random pics and JIGGLYPUFF!

First of all to DM-San! I did get that OST you sent me! :D I thought you had sent it to my kawaiihamster address but you'd sent it to my togepi_3 one so thus I got it X3 Eeeee! Thankyou so much!

So I did a bunch of sketches on the train the other day. Two Digimon ones (*Hikari and kouji and kouichi*) one of Juudai in a suit and then a cracky Emmanuel VS. Al Elric picture :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Both Cat Loving Alchemists battle it out!
Yes, Movie!Al (*And Izumi-sensei*) aren't doing so well against Emmanuel XD Poor Al!
Pharaoh! <33333333333

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I was in SUCH a Digimon mood, and I hadn't drawn Hikari for such a long time X333 I'm suprised how good this looks to say it was drawn with no refrence whatso ever, like all these pictures XDD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Kouji and Kouichi, just cos they rule! :D :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Juudai in a suit. I was thinking of the party we held in the RP where Juudai kept complaining that he hated being in a suit XDD Here he's just grinning through it, didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to though :p But this one was drawn on the way home on a really warm and stuffy train >>; I was tired...

I watched this weeks Pokémon episode called "Jigglypuff's Song! Papa's Song" twas about a guy who wanted to catch a Jigglypuff as a present for his daughter for her birthday, but it seems that the one Jigglypuff he's trying to catch is quite the handful to get XD After all it completly kick's Pikachu's ass :D
Eventually it comes down to Max for having the best idea. To trap it in the cabin with Pikachu and cover the walls and floors with soemthing that repels attacks, so when Jigglypuff sings, it echos and the attack not only makes Pikachu fall asleep put the Jigglypuff too. Though for some odd reason the guy decided not to catch it and returns to his daughter without it, but the Jigglypuff turns up anyway :D YAY!
I really hope the Jigglypuff that draws on everyone when they fall asleep makes another appearance though. Jigglypuff's kick major ass!! :D

You know I was gonna write much more but I've been writing this on and off for hours XD
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