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About Pictures, Keyrings and Spiders...

w00t! I finally got up my Water Pokémon archive! I also got up the panned images for FMA, Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh! DM :3


Feel free to take and use the pictures however you wish :3 Credit is optional for most of the pictures (*Though for the Pokémon Movie 8 half deck scans I do require you to credit if you use those as MetalRhynomon on my site staff went to a lot of trouble to get and scan those :3*) After all I upload these so people can use them for whatever they wish ^^

I want to see how my bandwidth fairs with this growing archive, so far it's not bad at all but I know how images can gobble up bandwidth XD So I gotta keep a close eye on it.

What Pokémon type should I do and upload next? :D

Ah, today has been...I dunno...not a really bad day, more annoying if anything. Mostly it's cos I ended up losing the Pokémon keyrings when they fell off my bag as I walked into town. They actually hit the back of my ankle but I didn't know they had dropped off, I just turned around thinking someone had trod on my heel or something but no one was close enough to do that, I shook it off and then didn't realize they were missing until I got further into town. I went back after being at the charity shop but I couldn't find them :/ I'm guessing some kid might have picked them up and took them home, it's most likely. Well if that's the case I hope they made whoever found them happy :3 If I think that then maybe I won't miss my Torchic, Blaziken and Mudkip so much XDD I get too attached to inanimate objects sometimes *lol*
I need a new bag, mine is forever having things drop off it. The reason why my keyrings dropped off was because the zip decided to come off X____x;

I also somehow got blue pen on my white shirt while at the charity shop O_o; Not sure where that came from...
I found a freaky looking spider in a glass while sorting through some things to put out into the shop, it like had a round body and HUGE legs, two in particular were longer than the others. I decided since it was in the glass I let it go outside the shop, most spiders rarely meet that fate when I'm near them, I usually get someone to squish them >>; So that spider was lucky...and it was so weird looking, I spent a little while just looking at it through the glass XD
Talking of spiders there was this HUGE one on the dining room door last night....*shudders* that one of evil looking >>; Then I found another in the bathroom...
...yeah...I didn't sleep so well last night.

YAY! I finally got the 2nd Soukyuu no Fafner OST. I didn't know there was a 2nd one until I did a random search the other day *lol* It was an old torrent and seeders were quite thin but I finally have it now YAY!

Anyway might play on my Emerald game for a little while before going off to bed. Going to shoot some photos tomorrow! X3 *Luffs taking photos* I actually need to install my camera software yet =p My camera has been charging though so hopefully that'll be fine by tomorrow...my camera has a habit of going dead even when I've not used it O_o;
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