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Still Nina~~!

OMG! I was just browsing through my flist when I came across a post in the FMAlchemist community about a song called "Still Nina" by someone called David Craig Simpson and it's all based on the FMA episode with Nina ;_______; I so totally want to make an AMV of this! (*I'm sure someone at the FMAlchemist community is already working on one but still*) all I have to work with are the fansubs though :/ I'll get them and see what clips I can get XD Makes me wish I had saved the dub raw I downloaded.
This song goes in my FMA playlist :3 once I sort out my iPod.

Watched today's Pokémon episode! Winona VS Ash! just as good of a gym battle as I remember, animation was so totally awesome and what brief appearance TR had was just hillarious! "We'll go dancing! We'll go dancing to the disco~~~~!" Can't remember the exact quote but that was the jist of it :D
And Ash's "I didn't know the sky could love you" quote was a lot of fun too.

Okay, gonna go find out these fan subs now :3
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