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Random Rambling YAY!

Something tells me I shouldn't be eating chocolate cake this late at night...
...ah well! :3 *eats*

While I was at work my dad went to this little get together being held by my auntie and uncle (*Same auntie and uncle who has the cat that brings live mice to you as a present :3*) And he brought home FOOD! YAY! I wanted to go too but it was a bit short notice, plus work make me book most of my holidays in advance for the year anyway O___o; I would of had to swap a shift with someone and I don't like the idea of doing that. I luckily only had to do it once and that worked out well cos the guy I asked wanted to swap a shift himself XDD

Talking of work, I hate the fact I get so nervous when asking for proof of ID on age related products >>; I have to ask a bit more often now cos we started this "Think 21" thing where we have to ask anyone who looks under 21, even though we sell alcohol at 18 and over. Tis a "Better safe than sorry" thing really =p

You know, this weekend there is this Pokémon Chronicles marathon and I completely couldn't be bothered to watch it today XD;; Maybe I'll watch some tomorrow. Won't bother taping those ones since I'll just wait for the DVDs so I can get really good screenshots and stuff :3
I need to order the 4th FMA DVD too XD

Well that was my random rambling for today!
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