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So it's true....

... Dear 4Kids, what the hell were you on when you thought up THOSE names...? No really, what?
You need to cut down on it whatever it is...

So GX begins to fall into the utter darkness of the dub, I mean, yeah, I'm one who usually likes dubs, I even like the dub of the last Yu-Gi-Oh series but at least THEY had decent names! Tristan, Tea, Joey...yeah they were okay... Baiston, Chazz Princeton and CHUMLEY HUFFINGTON are NOT!
Jaden and Alexis I can live with...just...but....yeah...

GX I weep for you...

I'm still gonna watch the dub more for curiosity's sake than anything, but I think I'll be sticking with these raw episodes....ooooh yes...

And for those who haven't seen the news yet or have just gone into denial:

Yuuki Juudai - Jaden Yuki (*He could have been called worse I suppose*)
Tenjoin Asuka - Alexis Rhodes (*Alexis, I think, was on my list of possible dub names for her, along with Ashley and Amber so I'm not to pissed at this one, plus I like the name Alexis*)
Misawa Daichi - Bastion Misawa (*What sane parent would call their child Bastion...?*)
Marufuji Shou - Syrus Truesdale (*.....I want Shou back....*)
Marufuji Ryou - Zane Truesdale (*Zane is....okay...kinda...but still...*)
Meada Hayato - Chumley Huffington (*WHY???*)
Manjoume Jun - Chazz Princeton (*Again....WHY????*)
Chronos de Medici - Dr. Vilian Crowler (*Sounds like a bad Marvel comic villian name or something O_O; OMG! Dr. Vilian Crowler is on the loose again! CALL SPIDERMAN!*)

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