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*grins happily*

YES! After at least half an hour of not knowing what the hell I was doing I FINALLY managed to learn how to download off the Free Pokémon Channel! I got Advanced Generation episode 68 which is so funny XD The people who live in Touka city are complete fan boys/girls of May and Max's family XD It's quite amusing! Plus Ash loses to May in a Pokémon Battle cos everyone kept booing Ash when ever he had Taillow attack Torchic LOL
And lets not forget Team Rocket's cosplaying attempt at May and Max's family XD

Well I was gonna show you some pictures from the episode seems like even broadband can get tired and refuse to show pictures every now and again....either that or it's lycos.... ah well... I'll post 'em later on....

I'm stuck in a queue for the 13th Pokémon Special at the moment but I think I'll just give up for now and try later on, I'm tired and need a break from the computer. LOL

In other news I was late to work today XD Only by 10 minutes but it was because I totally didn't know the clocks went forward today ^^; I hate having to do that, so there I was getting up at what I THOUGHT was nine, I was grumbling cos I slept through the alarm again and missed Pokémon but when I switched on the TV and saw by the clock on there it was 10am I was like ..."DAD! It's already 10 O Clock!" XD I was only 10 minutes late thankfully ^^; Hehehe! Oh well.
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