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Wanting to help...

You know yesterday while I was at my mum's house I read about a local animal sanctuary that apparently isn't doing so well with donations and might have to close down next month if they don't get any soon. It's really sad because that animal sanctuary I did my school work experience at back when I was about 15 and I loved the place. I was gonna go back and actually volunteer there but school work got in the way then when I moved onto college I developed my dust/animal fur allergy, if I didn't have this damn allergy now I'd probably go back now and volunteer on my weekends off from work =p

Thing is I really wish I could raise money for them somehow but I know next to nothing on how to organize sponsored things like walks ect. and I'm not the best at organizing things anyway. Work has done fund raising things before like for comic relief and the Tsunami, we'd leave collection buckets at the end of the checkouts so customers could throw in whatever change they wanted, I have a feeling they'd be some rule somewhere that would prevent me from asking them if we could do the same for the sanctuary... :/
Maybe I'll draw out some money and have my dad take me up there one weekend to take it in, wouldn't be that much compared to how much they have to spend to keep the place running but I guess every little helps for it.

Maybe I'll talk to some people I know, like family and stuff and see if they want to put some money towards it too.

We'll see anyway :)
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