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Housework and Caps and Emerald!!

Today I cleaned up the whole of the dining room/kitchen! HA! TAKE THAT PROCRASTINATION! I even capped 3 whole Pokémon episodes afterwards :3 And with the two I capped on Saturday I now have done:

Going for a Spinda
Poetry Commotion
Gulpin it Down
True Blue Swablu
A Double Dilemma

Just need to convert some of them into .jpg now. Heh, for some odd reason these caps look miles better on my computer than they do on my dad's, they also look smaller...maybe it's the difference in monitor size :/

For some odd reason my hamster has taken to sleeping in the corner of her cage today, rather than her house O_O

Oh and finally got round to challenging the 3rd gym on Emerald (*Yeah I'm a really slow game player*) Kaiser the Marshstomp totally owned them all! HAHAHA! Tsubasa the Taillow evolved to Swellow and I finally chose the 6th Member to my team, Toby the Torkoal, who I spent most of last night training up to near the other's levels :D Wheeeee~~!
I also caught a Koffing, cos Koffing's rule! I was gonna call it "Happi" but I acctidently hit a "q" instead of a "p" then when I went to press "Back" I hit "OK" instead and well....the Koffing is now called "Haq" :D

OH! Almost forgot!
http://yugiohgx.deviantart.com/ <--- JOIN!!! :D
hobbit_hunter and I decided to start up a GX club on DA, even though there IS already one, but that one isn't often updated. Hopefully once we get members we'll run monthly themed contest and stuff :D
Oooh! And when you join you can request to be in either one of the three dorms :3
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