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Whooo! Just copied my entire archive of MP3s to my computer :D I did this so I could sort them out and save them to DVD-RW disks so I could keep MP3s from certian animes all together. I also feel I should sort out my iPod so I'll do that later too.

Unfortunatly a few MP3s had been eaten by my CDs cos for some odd reason every so often one file on a CD would love to go corrupt. I lost a few Digimon MP3s but nothing major that I won't be able to find again I'm sure. Also a few of my Yu-Gi-Oh MP3s decided to be stubborn so if any of you have the following files, if you could upload them at yousendit, or something, for me that would be great *___*

Sound Duel 1
- Sen-nen Power
- Shizuka's Feelings
- Straying
- The Darkness Awakens

Sound Duel 3
- Varon's Theme

Eventually I'll sort out my anime onto DVD-RW disks too :D
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