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"Awwww, he brought us a present!!"

Well went out to look at computers, I have my eye on one, course I was given two different stories by two different people working there --;; BUT like I said I have my eye on one computer, it looks awesome and has like the best stuff in it that I need, he told me it's what I'll need for video encoding and such. Has built in USB and Firewire also has a DVD/CD writer, it had one HELLA huge hardrive :3 I'm gonna think over the next few days and hopfully go and get it Saturday if I decide I still want it!

Oh on the way home we visited my auntie and uncle and of course their little kitty, Skieve was there (*I think that's how you spell his name, he's named after someone off the lord of the rings if I remember right*) you can see Skieve on the photo section of my art site cos I took a few pictures of him last year :3

Anyway I spent ages just fussing over him, then he got fussy and went off only to come back about half an hour later or so with a present for me and my dad. He had caught a mouse, a LIVE mouse and dropped it at my dads feet XDD Hahaha! It was funny cos my auntie and uncle were obviously annoyed at him for bringing it into the house and there's me cooing over how cute it was that he liked us so much to give us a present XDD The mouse was only an ickle baby too!
My uncle caught it in his hands and it bit him :/
It was funny that I'm the only one there that actually thought it was "cute" XD I was all like "Awwww, he brought us a present!!"

Oh boy they must have thought I was crazy, I only see it as instint though and it's the cats way of saying "I like you" so before I left I thanked Skieve for the mouse XDD
...then we got outside and my dad pointed out all the snails all over their wall...yep...I cooed about how cute they were too, I have such a soft spot for animals I really do XDD

Ack! Right eyes is itching now though, damn allergy, I'll never learn though. I took some of my allergy medicene anyway hoping it'll relieve it a bit :/

Don't think Yu-Gi-Oh GX episode 43 has any seeds, unless I'm having problems downloading it. Anyone else finding it difficult to connect to the tracker? Ah, it's got one seeder so yeah, probably gonna find it hard to get it for a while until others seed. Probably best I download it tomorrow morning XD
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