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Art Site Update

w00t! Just updated TigerTen Artworks since I know have Frontpage back and all :3 Updated with one photo (*One of the puppies I took photos of a few weekends ago*) some GX art, some Pokémon art ect. Nothing I haven't already put up on DA except the photo, I don't bother uploading my photos there anymore for some reason XD I guess I really should, it's like the only original stuff I do!

Also gone back to working on the large picture archive for PDU, I need to do the water Pokémon page then test out exactly how much bandwidth this section will take up so far when public.

My dad and I should be going to see about the new tower in a few hours or so :3 Need to get new catridges for the printer too.
...I praticlly live at PC World...seems like I'm always going for something >>;;
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