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Kaiser Ryou Layout Lineart!

The lineart still might need some tweaking but:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah he's still smiling I decided it would be more "inviting" as it were since it's the background image for the community XD It's only a little smile, I like Kaiser when he smiles :D

Anyway like with the sketch, anything that looks off or any mistakes please point them out! And maybe I'll actually get around to updating the com with a new layout this week, just adding this background and changing the colour scheme to blue and white to match Kaisers uniform :3
After that I might see about holding an icon contest for an icon for the community ^^
With the dub looming I'll probably be getting a lot more people joining so I want to make sure the layout and everything is done for at least September XD Hopefully it'll be done way before then.

Other than that I'd just like to announce that now I officially have Frontpage again! OMG YAY! It's a more recent version than the old one I had, lots more pretty buttons X3
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