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*Squeals then dies happily*

*blinks* I think I've died and gone to Internet heaven.....

Broadband is all set up all working and it's conencted to my computer.... just to see how fast downloads will go I started up my download for episode 4 of Hikaru no Go and where it was gonna take 11-12 hours to get on dial up it is now taking just a bit more than an hour....
...Eee! And the only Pokémon Hoso I don't have (*Except the newest Gary one*)is gonna take just under two hours... and that's like 368MB *_*
I can even surf the net while downloading and there isn't much speed difference at all!

*dies happily*

Okay on my list of things to do over the next few days:
- Get the three downloads on my flashget programme all downloaded (*Two of which have been there forever*)
- Get the New Yugioh Episode once it's avalible on Bit Torrent
- Brave the confusion and enter the Free Pokémon mIRC Channel and force myself to learn how to download of it

Togepi is happy *_*
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