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Finally! My brother has given me some office CDs that have Frontpage *OMG YES!* but I get them on the last day on my week off from work *figures* Just need to wait for Naruto to finish downloading then I'll install it.

While I was there my mum said she might take me to Clumber Park on either the 10th or 11th of August :3 YAY! A place to take some photos!! *Hopes for nice weather* They've recently finished restoring the lake there too. I saw a picture of it in the newspaper and it looked very prettyful ^^
It's got like lots of wooded areas and such as well. Though last I saw the wooded area we used to go to on school trips waaaaaay back was cut down, but at least they leaft the really funky tree there, it's really tall and quite distintive, all of the branches are like right up at the top of the tree rather than working their way up, I think we used to call it "The flat tree" cos the top looked flat XD

Gotta love memory lane ^^
So yep that should be fun :)

Oh and dm_san if you read this my brother said no unfortunatly ;_____; I tried my best, he didn't like the idea though...

Right off to install Microsoft Office (*And Frontpage YAY*)
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