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Random Stuffage....~!

I thought I'd have the new naruto episode by now, GAH, next time I get it on direct download....trust it to start downloading awkward when I only have about 30 odd MB to get -_-;; I wanna see Chibi Gaara!

Didn't do much today besides plan out the first chapter of a Random anime/Naruto crossover fanfic thing (*You all saw it coming LOL*) although I doubt I'll get far on it despite the cool storylines I have for both Marik and the Beyblade kids X3 Oh and Bakura too, between struggling with the spirit of the ring and the sudden realization he has a dangerous advanced bloodline will certainly be fun XD It's gonna be a Genjutsu based one (*Dunno if ya can have one of those in Naruto but you can now XD*) although currently it's similar to the Magna Sharigan? Can't remember it's name, it's something Itachi can use to make people suffer torment for a certain length of time I think, it hasn't been shown in the manga all that much...
....when the hell is Itachi gonna make another apperance in that anyway... I like Itachi XD
Anyway I was thinking bakura's could maybe have the ability to see soemone's hopes and fears to use that against them but to an extreme extent to torture them and maybe he can also pull people into an illusion world with it....I can call it the Shadow Realm *falls over laughing*

We might FINALLY start decorating my brother's ex room tomorrow....er...today... (*realizes it's almost half two in the morning*) YAY!

So tired....must sleeep...
...my dad just came upstairs, ha, I bet I get a lot of "What were you still doing up at almost 3am this morning?" from him er....later on XD
Best go to bed then.... not like my download it going very far...how much betteing I have trouble getting the rest tomorrow...
....roll on broadband, roll on....
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