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Phonecalls to Housework to RPs :D

Two annoying salses phonecalls within like half an hour of each other ~_~ Wonderful. They're pissing me off so much that I am just hanging up on them now (*YAY!*) the second one I got was freakin' annoying. He asked for me and then started going on about our phone service, I told him that was my dads department then he was all like "So you can't make a decsion on behlaf of him, it's just a small decision" After that I just told him I wasn't intrested and hung up XP
Ya know I heard about this BT Privacy thing on the radio that's supposed to stop calls like that but even though it says it's free I think there's a charge somewhere, I'll give it to my dad to read, he always finds the hidden charges :3

Hummm, talking of my dad he hasn't mentioned anything about the days he said he was going to take off this week -_-;; Guess we'll see. I should really do some housework today, I've neglected it these past few days, mostly cos I get up really late due to going to bed too late *lol* Though I'm glad I decided to stay up for the party we held in the GX RP last night. Kaibaman gave out cookies which made eveyone all high and hyper XD Poor Juudai is unconcious right now though :/ Manjoume force fed him a knockout pill XDD
Ya know people reading that RP will wonder what kinda crack we're on YAAAY!!! :D :D
I love that RP X33333

I'm downloading a Pikachu special which I believe was aired on plane flights or soemthing :3 Must make screenshots!!!

I'm hoping to get up the Textless GX OP/ED for everyone to download later, I'll post it both here and the GX community, I'll post the scans on the community too :3 Have a bunch of panned images to post here too.

But first before anything else I need to eaaaaaaaaaaaat~~~!
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