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On Computer Stuff

Sooooo, managed to catch my brother at my mum's house today. He's finished reading Harry Potter apparnetly so I jumped at the chance to order him to find me the Microsoft Office CD while he wasn't reading about teenage wizards and the like. Hummm, I tried to install it but no Frontpage has shown up, he said it might not be the version with it on and it seems that this is right --;; I'm starting to think it'll be easier just forking out the large amount of money to buy the damn program myself since....the version I'm trying to install is a copy anyway ^^;;
It's something I need anyway, I simply can't run my sites without it --;; I tried editing HTML...it's nooooot easy...
Gah I feel this week off is gonna go completely to waste XP

Hummm for the last few hours I've been taking clips from GX episodes for music videos I may make in the future once I find the right music :D I really REALLY want to make too, one crack and one serious *lol* Thought it would be an intresting challenge, so I was going through episodes putting, seperating clips I wanted and putting them in two file groups for that episode "Angst" and "Crack" :D So far I've only gone through episodes 32, 34 and 25, my video program kept being annoying and closing down on me while encoding :(

Also my computer has been getting worse with the Blue Screens of Death recently, it took me like 3 restarts to get it up and running this morning >>;; And this afternoon, it kept corrupting that $BitMap thing again which appears can effect anything from Winamp to Norton Anti Virus and it's quite possibly the thing that ate Frontpage >/
It also keeps telling me windows files are corrupted and such, starting to seriously think about what my brother told me today about wiping the whole damn thing and re-installing windows and if I wasn't reminded of the fact that we found it really difficult to do both tasks last year then I'd do it right now XP
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