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I'm lazy...well...nothing new there then...

You know what? I think I was supposed to go shopping with my dad today, but stupid me just let sleep win over and I kept falling back to sleep eventually getting up at about 2pm XDD;;; Whaaaaat? There was nothing to really get up for....except go shopping....which I forgot about....I needed to go and ask them if there is anyway I can take the 6th of August off one of my aunties is throwing a little party thing that day and I want to goooo ;_____;

Talking of work I had a really weird dream....again...why am I always at work in my dreams!? And why is it that something overlly weird is happening there!
Anyway it's late and I get to work. My mum has brought me and she parks up, I see my brother at the cash machines actually I wnat to talk to him but I think he vanishes, so I go into the store.
As soon as I get in there is chaos, the lights are off, it's dark, okay some lights are flickering on and off but it's weird. People are running around, alrms are sounding and somebody is speaking over the tannoy that something is happening and we have to leave by the nearest fire exit. For some odd reason I think to myself "Should I find a fire exit or just leave the way I came in?" I see people run out so I follow them. We get out into the car park and we know where to stand in the car park incase of a fire. We all stand there but then someone who is sat in their car calls us over. At this point I make a note that my mums car is still here.
Then one of the guys who works in the wearhouse ect. comes out and tells us all to get back to where we should be stoof in the car park. As we do we ask if it's safe to go back in, apparnetly it is but he wants to explain what happened. Apparnetly the alarm was raised when a strange smell or soemthing was in the air and it seemed almost like smoke was floating around, but apparnetly this wearhouse guy was practising Pokémon contest techniques and had acctidently spread a "Sweet scent" attack all over the store via his Foretress' "Rapid Spin" (*His other two Pokémon were Ralts and Roselia I believe*) So...there you have it...
Feel free to question my sainty ;D
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