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Eeeee! Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! They were so so adorable X333
I got some pictures but as predicted they didn't want to stay still XD I want to e-mail them to Pam first cos I told her I'd e-mail the pictures to her :D I gave her the address to my art site too cos I told her about the photos I have up on there. Talking of which I need to get some of the others up but I'd have to attempt HTML for it since a certian brother hasn't found that Microsoft Office CD yet. I would just buy Frontpage myself since the Microsoft Office thing my brother has is a copy :o It's almost £200 though Oo;;; Meeeep! HTML shouldn't be TOO hard if I work from the codes already there :D;;;

Anyway that allregy medicine seems to work with pets too, I got no reaction to them while I was there, although I'm getting an itchy eye now XDD Usually I get much worse reactions so i guess it wasn't too bad, need to keep taking that stuff.

Apparently there was a bomb explosion in Turkey and my uncle is on holiday there O___O Luckily he's okay though :D Twas the first thing my dad told me when I got home.

Oh and while I was in town I bought loads of stuff for Molly :3 The pet store had SO much new treats and stuff in, I didn't know what to get her *lol*

Anyway I need to start on some things and stuff, my dad was complaining at me to clean my room (*again...*) but I'll do that tomorrow =p
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