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A quick post before bed!

Just watched episodes 27 and 28 of Fullmetal Alchemist (*Dub of course XD*) and they were awesomly done <333 Funimation are doing such a lovely job of this series :3
I watched through it, took some screenshots (*Have some pans coming ;D*) AAAAAND they're gonna get some Dub!Love icons, I've noted down some worthy quotes anyway, just need to go and do the remaining episodes I've missed making icons for.

But for now a sleepy Togepi has to go to bed for she is seeing some puppies tomorrow and needs to be at at the house for around half ten - eleven tomorrow morning. I will probably be walking and it's quite a while away (*I'd say probably about 40-45 minutes as it's in a similar direction to where I work and it takes me about 45 minutes to walk to work*) If I leave early I could just probably linger in town for a little while maybe :3 Need to get the hamster some more treats anyway.
I'm taking my camera so I'm gonna get some photos!! Just need to ask them if it's okay for me to showcase the best ones on my art site ^^ But they're puppies so I'm sure they won't stay still long enough for a photoshoot *lol*

Feel sorry for my allergy, it gets tortured when I decide I wanna be around animals *lol* I've got that allergy stuff my mum gave me for my hay fever so I'll take that and see if it works!

Oh oh and my dad says he might be taking the end of next week off! I sooooo hope this time we can make it up to the dams for some more photos!
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