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Fav Characters Meme!!

Maaaaan it's so humid warm --;;;; And I had to donate my huge fan to the hamster cos she was looking a bit too warm XDD
I'm determind to finish saving these screenshots for episode 41 of GX before I finally go to bed....no staying up until 5am tonight, so I best hurry. Though with this heat I'm sure I won't sleep anyway XD

Anyway I decided I'd do this meme:

1. Post a list of 10 anime or TV shows you follow (current or cancelled!).
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite CHARACTER from each show.
3. When guessed bold the line and write a sentence about why you like that character.
4. Post in your own livejournal.

1) Pokémon May: She goes into the catogary of me liking characters that really aren't to smart. May was like a lovely fresh and new character for Pokémon, a character who started out not really liking Pokémon which no main character had ever had before. May had no clue what so EVER where Pokémon was included which really brought some intresting amusement to the show and it was intresting to see Ash be the more knowlageble one of the two as she was a lot like he was when he was a rookie. Now the Advanced series has been going for a long while and May had grown amazingly into a more knowlageble person who loves Pokémon. It was an intresting development to watch :D Plus she seems to have much more in the way of character than Misty did in my opinion XDD

I also would have taken Brock for a choice as I just love him. He's pretty much most women's dream guy, I mean he's caring and helps with the housework yet the poor guy can't even get a date XDD *pets him* I like the whole "Big brother" feel he brings to the group, plus I like his rather ecentric attitude to girls, it's still amusing to me after all these episodes.

Also would have taken Team Rocket cos you just GOTTA love the bumbling villians. Oh how they try so very hard and fail each time to catch a little yellow mouse XD Out of the group James is my most favoruite, I just love his personality, so goofy, so naive and gulible XD

2) Digimon Frontier Kouji and Kouichi: The angsty twins of the Frontier series. I have a soft spot for the angsty and/or mysterious ones sometimes and they filled that quite well. Kouji was the lonewolf who prefered to be on his own, Kouichi ended up being his mysterious twin brother he'd never met who ended up being one of the main villians. The aaaaaangst!
I just loved watching these two and especially how the grew and intercated with each other afterwards.
The end of Frontier made me tear up ;_______;

3) Yu-Gi-Oh! DM: Yugi Motou: Yeah I love little Yugi Motou, mainly cos he's so uberly small and cute, I just want to grab and hug him :3 I really do prefer him to Yami Yugi. I mean Yugi at first was a little unconfident boy who wished he had friends to play games with but always ended up playing games on his own. Early Yugi kinda reminded me of myself. By the end of the series you can just see how much he had grown confidence wise and that was truely amazing!

Also would have taken Ryou Bakura, again liking the cute innocent ones is a priority of mine XD And once again he's a character who really wanted friends but when you've got a psycho spirit possesing you then I guess that's hard XD Also he had the mysterious thing going on, you never really knew at some points if it was Ryou talking or whether it was Yami Bakura.
You know I remember my first ever thoughts on him when I first saw him in the series (*In a scene where he didn't talk*) I thought he was a girl XDD

4) Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Juudai: Yes! We all know Juudai is my favoruite character of GX XDD It was his uber happiness, carefree spirit and the fact that he's an idiot that drew me in. During earlier episodes I always watched and thought to myself "I wish I could go through life without a care like him, I worry too much" so I guess you could say I admire him for it XDD
Usually I go for the mysterious and/or angsty like characters with pretty faces (Like Kaiser Ryou) but nope, not this time.

5) Naruto
6) Bleach
7) Fullmetal Alchemist Ed and Al Elric: I can be a sucker for such amazing stories about brotherly love and these two truely meet that. I love them both cos Ed goes for the angsty bit but he's also very humorus. He's amazingly devoted to his younger brother, determined to get his whole body back and that just amazes me, really it does. Alphonse meets the adorable sweet bit. He's so cute, even as a huge chunk of armor. Again he's really devoted to Ed wanting to get his missing limbs back <3333 I love these two so much!

Also would have taken Envy and Wrath as choices. I love Envy's character design <333 PALM TREE! He's also pretty sadistic yet sometimes really amusing. Wrath started out so innocent and cute which had drawn me in already, but then when he learned the truth of where he came from after eating the little Philosopher's stones BAM uber evil child!! He's cute and evil! I love that XDDD

8) Friends
9) Digimon Tamers Susie: What can I saw, she's so so so adorable :3 The way she tortured poor Terriermon was just hillarious! Basiclly that's it, I love her because she is so so cute...and she got a Lopmon I love Lopmon.

I also would have taken Henry, Terriermon, Lopmon or Calumon for choices: The three Digimon just enter the "I like them because they are cute" catogary and as for Henry I liked his personality, at first he was all against having Terriermon fight and he had to overcome that to realize some battle had to be fought.

10) Wolf's Rain Toboe: What can I say. He's the most innocent and sweetest one of the group. I think he's adorable :3 I adore his personality to bits. I'm a sucker for the cute innocent ones XDD

Naruto, Bleach and Friends still need right guesses! XD

Yeah chose Wolf's Rain to be the last one since I ran out of shows I could put and it's one I've watched enough of to have a favoruite character...I need to watch the rest of the series :/
Note: I have multiple fav characters for some of them XD Yeah sometimes I just can't choose between some characters.
You should all get number 4, I can say that much XDD
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