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Dream a little Dream...

Well stupid me didn't go to bed until 5am cos of the heat and the fact that I didn't feel tired due to drinking too much cola, w000000t...I'm only up now cos the damn phone won't let me sleep....it keeps ringing --;;;; Damn those telephone sales people...

I had a bizarre GX dream which I don't really remember too much of but it was something about Juudai dueling Hayato, strange thing is they were at my work place and stood on opposite checkouts XD I don't think they finished their duel before Hayato had to duel someone else a bit more dangerous. Weird thing is Juudai still had cards laid out and he kep using them to protect Hayato. One person watching was all like "Woah, he used that to protect him" and I was like "Can he DO that!?!" XDD
Then they both found themselves in some cave with someone. He ended up coming at Hayato with soemthing to hurt him with (*Like a sword or something*) but Juudai then stepped in front of him to protect him, that was sweet. Hayato had closed his eyes, he then opened them but that part of the dream ended there so I don't know what happens :/
Then I dream about posting the last part of the dream (*Yeah, sad I know*) but I hopen up an e-mail in hotmail and I'm like "Why am I doing this, I need to post it to my journal"
Then something about Yugi being a sim....
Then suddenly I'm on this beach thing and some narrators voice comes over like it's the start of some TV documentary =p I'm stood on this rock and the view is so lovely with pure blue seas and everything. Someone else is with me and I think he must claim the place is boring so I make comment about the beautiful scenery and that's pretty much all I remember :/

YAY! Downloading episode 41 of GX :3 Will post all about it when I see it.

Ack, my arm suddenly got really itchy and now there's a little lump there, something's gone and bitten me, probably that little fly I tried to catch earlier XP
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