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Just some random like ramblings~~!

Hummm, I need to go on MSN later and hope my brother is on so I can ask him to find out the Microsoft office CD for me again. I would phone but I can't be bothered XDD Besides if he's online I at least know he's home, not sure if he's at work today or not. I was gonna phone last night but completely forgot.
Talking of phones I need to charge my mobile up (*Which has been like dead for a month or soemthing XD I NEVER charge that thing up*) and text Helen to tell her I have next week off. I sooooo hope she's got a day free too. I was thinking of seeing if we can go down to Cleethorpes for the day cos that would rock and it's a train straight through usually :3 Just hope it's nice beach weather. Ah but I'm sure she'll be busy on whatever days she has off work so....yeah =p

I asked my dad last night if we could go to Clumber Park to see if I can find some nice places to take some photos :3 He told me he can't go this weekend so I was like "How about next weekend" he said he'd see about it and that he was thinking of taking a few days off work the week after next which luckily is the week I only work 3 days, but my dad is the kind of person who doesn't know when to stop working and actually have fun, he's all like "This has to be done" and "That has to be done"...meh.

Ah I just wanna go places to take pretty photos =p Though Clumber Park is usually brimming with people so I doubt I'd get too many good pictures without a person in them ><;;;; I prefer to take photos of Landscapes and animals :3

Gotta go and do some housework noooow and then I might actually remember to watch Pokémon Chronicles today, it's the one where Butch and Cassidy kidnap Professor Oak XD Maybe after that I'll work on some screenshots and stuff~~!
I've given up with the encoding, I learned it WAS the fact that I was trying to encode big files that was making my computer crash, so no more of that. Little files like the parodies are okay, my computer can cope with that, but big files? Nah-ah! *shakes head* I think that's pushing my computer a bit *too* far it seems.
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