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Hay Fever sucks and other stories...

Hay Fever sucks!
It hit me as SOON as I left the house this morning and by the time I got to the chairty shop I was in a right state, my eyes were stinging to much I couldn't see ><;;;; Luckily it calmed down after a while but mental note to self to make sure to take that allergy medicine my mum got me =p
Good news is that I'm gonna see the puppies that two ladies at the chairty shop have on Saturday morning :D :D So awesome huh?

Also to dm_san sorry I didn't get onto your IRC channel today, I decided that sending a 1GB file wasn't a good idea as I know it would take about 10-15 hours just to send over sooooo I'm doing the encoding instead, unfortunatly my first attempt was a failure and it came out crappy quality so I'm gonna have to redo it in much better quality now (*It took freakin 2 hours and that's what I got ><;;;;*) You know I'm new to this so you're gonna have to bare with me and my computer, which has had a fan on it all night just to prevent over heating... back to encoding I go.
Also to Linka I'll send you what you need as soon as I can ^^;;

I feel so tired and like crap due to the stupid heat and the stupid hay fever ><;;;

Good news is that I've been playing my Emerald game! My Skitty learned Assist and my Ralts evolved into Kirlia :D :D
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