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I'm a Spy!!

Hummm, Frontpage seems to have dissapeared off my computer....now where the hell did THAT go? It was there only yesterday, this computer well and truely hates me right now...what the hell is WRONG with this thing, so many errors, things going missing, blue error screens....time for another virus/spyware/adware check me thinks but that'll probably uncover very little...
...bad thing is my brother has the CD so I can't reinstall it just right now...blah...maybe I'll just go draw something at least that's something that won't give me errors or a blue screen :D *Kicks her computer*

In other news I was serving a customer today, and when I asked if he had a nector card (*It's like a reward card we have*) he said no and I SWEAR after that he said "I'm a spy!" it sounded so clear and it was hard to think I could mistake it for anything else, seems like a few of the other customers thought he said that too, the lady I served after him was looking at me as if to say "What did he just say?" XDD It's probably that I did mishear him but still, it was funny XDD

Gotta run those virus checks now XP
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