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OMG! GX Parodies!

OMG! What is this!? Did I really put up some more GX Parodies!?
XD Yeah I finally got around to uploading the few I had managed to do over the past few weeks and clip two is one I did today simply because I got a good idea for the "Fubuki looking out of the window" scene in episode 39 :D :D


Nothing too special but enjoy~~!

EDIT: Also decided I'll add the links to the Pokémon and GX panned images I've put up on my site as part of my large image archive and yes anyone is free to use these as you wish ^__^

http://pictures.pdunited.co.uk/panned_gx.htm <---Panned GX Images
http://pictures.pdunited.co.uk/panned_poke.htm <----Pokémon Panned Images

Gonna put the first GX opening panned images up on the GX page later on and I still have some panned images from FMA/Naruto/Yu-Gi-Oh DM to link up.
If you see any linking mistakes or anything make sure to tell me ;D

Now I have to get ready for work =p
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