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Hahaha Naruto VA's


Apparnetly, according to the Anime News Network, some new VA's for the Dub Naruto are Eric Stuart as Gaara and Racheal Lillis playing Sakura! OMG! Pokémon Voice actor Love!! <333 I'll just die if Gaara sounds just like Brock/Kaiba, I honestly will XD;;
It was already awesome cos two Digimon VAs were in it but now Pokémon ones too! :3
I've never heard of the guy playing Naruto but apparently he played Kiba in Wolf's Rain, seeing as I haven't seen the dub of Wolf's Rain yet I don't know his voice :/
Sasuke got some guy who has voiced some Gundam Wing character, Heero apparnetly.
Seems like Naruto is going to have quite the mix of VAs XD;;

Anyway that's enough of me fangirling over the Naruto VAs :D (*I so hope they start showing Naruto on Toonami over here, I really do!*)

Currently I'm working on screenshots from the textless first GX opening. Damn it was hard to screencap that, it's got such fast animation XD;;
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