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It's already here! *_______*

It's so dull and rainy and cold...
...it's like October, geez!

Whoa, while I was happily typing the above.... MY BOX SET CAME!
Dude...that was fast! *___* I had no idea that the shipping method I chose was THAT fast, damn! XD

The art on the covers of the DVDs is really awesome and there is a postcard of each of the cover art. The sketches in the book consist of Juudai, Shou and Hayato plus a bunch of their monsters!
Sweet! The DVD has a textless Opening/Ending too! X3 Sweet! Sweet! That's good for screenshots!! X3 Anyway I'll start scanning them in now and once I have them all scanned then I'll post them here XD It'll be later on though, have work in a little while :D

*Looks out of window* I hope it isn't raining when I have to leave for work :/ My mum said she'd take me if it was raining, I like walking though. Guess we'll see XD;;
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