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A Post about...Allergies... yeah...

I'm starting to wonder if there is something at work I'm allergic too...seriously...half an hour into my shift and my throat is itching like mad and kept getting the urge to sneeze. It's not hot, in fact it's been raining, so I highly doubt it's hay fever UNLESS I can get reactions around selling a few bunches of flowers :/ Weiiiiiiird...
Gotta admit these past few weeks I keep getting bad itching anyway, I managed to slightly bruise my wrist the other week cos I was scratching it that hard :/ As for my nose, that's always itchy, especially at work.

Maybe I'm just getting allergic to everything XD It wouldn't suprise me, after all I suddenly got hay fever when I was 12 and suddenly got the allergy to dust/animal fur when I was 16 I never had ANY reaction to an animal before then, I mean my auntie had dogs and I played with them all the time when we visited and never got a reaction but during the last few years she was alive she resorted to keeping them in a seperate room from me cos I got reactions around them :/ Last year my dad and I visited another aunt I have who has a cat and after a while of being there my eyes just puffed up cos they were so irritated.
I'm starting to think my allergy is getting to a point where I shouldn't keep a hamster :/ Though small furry animals never bother me, maybe after Molly I shouldn't get another hamster for a while and see what that does, although I'll be sad if I can't keep a hamster, this damn allergy has screwed up my life enough already anyway (*I wanted to work in a job that involved animals ;_____;*) though the dust in this room is enough to give me reactions anyway, this house is terrible for it...

I dunno why I'm rambling about allergies, guess I have nothing better to do. My throat still feels weird... XP

I should go to bed now so I can get up early tomorrow morning and see if GX has been put up X3
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