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Not much goin' on....

Nothing much going on with me at the moment, hey the broadband modem came the other day and my dad connected it up to his computer today, we just need for BT to set up our line and we are ALL set....
....although it's still unsure if our idea to get broadband on my computer while it's still in my room will work since broadband hates extention leads apparently....but we can try... hopefully THIS weekend I'll be starting decorating my brother's old room :D

Not sure whether I should sign up for PDU's new server before or after I get broadband...I guess after would be good, I just hope BT gets the line working in 10 days like they promise cos Lycos will delete the site on the 15th... I need to work on a "Site will be back soon" picture XD Maybe I could have characters trying to work out a puzzle of some sort looking all confused and the caption can read "We're trying to piece PDU back together - be back soon!" XD That sounds like a plan LOL

*yawns* Well I need to carry on with my Naruto Episode 76 download... it's all about Gaara's past, I so love that, poor little Chibi Gaara and all the emotional pain he had to go through *sniff* Hopefully I'll get it by sometime tomorrow :D
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