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Hello blue screen....again...

Well....my computer started giving me blue screens again today, after two days of it behaving >>; This computer hates me...
...also today is rainy and cold...it's supposed to be the summer and I'm sat here shivering XP Also my head hurts, but for some odd reason I always feel crap on a Tuesday O_o;

Ooooh! Next week I might be able to go and see the puppies two of the ladies I work with at the Charity shop got! I saw photos of them today and they're sooooo adorable X3 I'll hopefully be bringing my Digital camera to take photos of them as I love taking photos of animals. If you've seen my art site you'll be able to tell I only take photos of animals or landscapes, never people *lol* Talking of that site I need to update it.

I'm getting a jumper now, I'm frozen!
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