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Shuppet! X3

31 emails and only 4 needed replying to XD That is amusing, but also shows my account gets so much spam O_O Even WITH the spam filter on.

Anyway to anyone who is a member at the Janime forums I got an e-mail from Tatsunoboshi Horoko telling me the forum got hit by a hacker (again) but he's making a backup forum for the members of the board and once he's finished it he'll be asking Janime to promote the link on her site for us all ^^ He wanted me to tell other members and since I know quite a few people who watch my journal are members there I felt this was the best place to notify you all :)

Anyway today I need to write some Pokémon episode guides, since I downloaded both "Unfair Weather Friends" and "Who's Flying now?" I have those to do along with "That's Just Swellow" and today's episode "Take this house and Shuppet" I have a bunch more too but I need to go through tapes and stuff XD
Need to update May's bio with her Baby Squirtle too :3 And change what Pokémon Ash has with him on his team now and which he left at Oak's lab.

Take This house and Shuppet was so sweet! Gotta admit, I think I'm a sucker for episodes that tend to revolve mostly around Max *lol* Plus Shuppets are so cute X3
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