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GX Community Stuffage~~!

I can't draw hands!!

Anyway I decided to finish off the sketch for the GX Community layout since I started it ages ago and just never finished it cos Kaiser Ryou's hand was annoying me X___x;
Still doesn't look all that great so any C&C is greatly appricated as I want this to look as good as I can make it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also while I was browsing around a Pokémon icon community I noticed they had icon contests and such, I was wondering if I should hold one for the GX community for an icon to represent it, currently it just has a crappy icon I made and it needs one that prehaps says the communitys name and such XD Anyone think that's a good idea? :3
I just want the community to look appealing and such cos come when the show starts dubwise the place will probably get loads more members~~!
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