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*Is a Hopeless Squealing fangirl*

Remember the DVD player I was yapping about in my last journal, remember I said it wasn't multi-region, well the people at the shop told my dad it is but have to put a code in first to activate it (*Similar to a cheat code you'd use on a games console LOL*)

BUUUUUT that's not what I'm so excited about... I found if I put in a disk with my high quality episodes of animes I've downloaded, I can watch them.....on TV....in excellent DVD like quality *squeals and dies* Naruto looks so much cooler on a TV in excellent quality *sighs happily* Too bad the TV I was using is uber small and I couldn't read the subtitles very well but I plan on getting a bigger TV for my new relaxation room and once I get broadband I'll be able to carry on getting high quality episodes *squeals and hugs the DVD player muttering how much she loves it*

Yes I'm crazy, but it's like having my own subbed Naruto DVD and no need for DVD-Writers or anything! All I need to do is hope the files I get were encoded in MPEG 4 or DivX but most full episodes are encoded with DivX anyway lol

It's too bad episode 54 of naruto won't play....that's one of my fav episodes... ah well

*squeals again and jumps about all happy like*
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