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w00t Pokémon on BT is Love!

YAY! I managed to find another BT that offers Pokémon episodes other than freepokemon (*I imagine this is the place you get your episodes from Travis? It's just called pocketmonsters XD*) I'm so happy! Means I can avoid mIRC once more!!
This weeks new episode isn't up yet but I can't wait for it! May comes back, Brock comes back and apparently May gets a baby Squirtle :D

Anyway while I was at this site I saw they had "Who's Flying now?" on the BT list and I thought I'd download it since I'm doing an episode guide on it and the download was going so fast but now...*pokes* It's not going anywhere XD;; So much for writing that guide today then. I'll leave it and see if it picks up.

Anyway looks like on Sunday I'll be getting some new RAM for the computer, aswell as a new fan OH and a new microphone headset as mine will not work >p

Gotta go run an errand for my dad now XD
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