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Stupid computer!

Ya know, I think this computer has made me swear more today than I ever have in my whole lifetime. I very rarely say the big bad "F" word but I was saying it constantly today. Please stop giving me blue screens Mr. Computer! ;__________; And if you insist on giving me blue screens at least give me a useful error so I know what's wrong, giving me a different error everytime isn't fun!
And any error it does show I look up and I'm faced with all this confusing jargen I don't understand! Whyyyyy? *Hits head on keyboard*

Okay, need to continue the backing up of files...then I need to try that Repair install from the Windows CD and if that doesn't work then I may have to try and replace the RAM to see if that's the problem and if that doesn't work....I'm screwed ;_______;
All i want to do is work on things like PDU and I want to work on icons and on art but NO I have to spend my time trying to figure this damn error out, damnit!

(*End rant here*)
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