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10 Days.....

...and I'll have Broadband, hopefully ;) And I should still have freeserve anytime up to that point so I can remain online it's just if it's not ready after those 10 days THAT'S when I dissapear LOL

As for the Multi Region DVD player....er... that didn't go so well, my dad bought it only to find out it ISN'T multi region even though the advertisment in the shop said it was....so he's gotta take it back :p One day I'll have my multi region DVD player.....one day....

I've had a stoamch ache since like 7 O' clock too....not fun while your at work -_-;; I still have it now although it's not so bad...

....I want to get Nicole's 10,100 hit on her DA site X_x;; Currently the hits won't move off 10,092.....
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