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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 39 - Juudai is oblivious to the world! :D

Yeah, been spamming up my journal today, shows how bored I was between housework XD;;

Well okay we get to see Fubuki again, he doesn't speak or anything, he just spends the scene he's in starting trance-like out of a window, nice to see him in an episode again though, almost seemed like they'd forgoten about him :D And he's back in his school uniform now! YAAAY!

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"The clouds....are...nice...nice clouds....nice...."

And I must say Juudai's clueless-ness gets me everytime, it's half the reason why I like the guy as a character, he's such an idiot and doesn't get ANYTHING. Asuka was unfastining the top part of her uniform to get her key out and then stopped when she realized Manjoume and Juudai were watching, Manjoume turns away with his face as red as a beetroot and Juudai just stood there totally oblivious to the situation XD Eventually Manjoume had to forcefully make him turn the other way! XD Hahahahahaha!!

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ASUKA: >___>
MANJOUME: - Er....
JUUDAI: ?????????

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MANJOUME: Don't be a pervert!!!
JUUDAI: ????????????

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Just had to take a picture of the contents of this draw in Juudai and co's room, it's got really cute little toys in it like spinning tops and marbles! How cuuuute!!

Okay so...Ojama King...yeah....I love the Ojamas, they're so funny but that thing is er....huge and certian parts of it disturbs me greatly XD I loved the part where it completely flattened the leader of that scorpion gang! XD;; I guess a wonderful addition to the crack that is Manjoume's life~~!

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"I be superman!!!"

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I can fly! I can fly! I can fly!

Scorpion Gang then dissapear leaving their cards behind and BLING a Yami no Item which I assume is Manjoume's now...Manjoume has bling!!! Manjoume has bling!! I know he takes the cards of the gang anyway cos next we see Manjoume putting in some earplugs as his spirits appear to be throwing a little party, complete with the scorpion gang dudes XD;;

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Shiny bling eyepatch! :D

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"Ceeeeelbrate good times! Come on!"
MANJOUME: Just not in the middle of the night...

In the next episode Asuka and Ryo's lighthouse angst-fest is disturbed by THE MUMMY ZOMBIES FROM THE PYRAMID OF LIGHT MOVIE! :D Well same design anyway, but I needed to make that joke :D
*Cue funny Scooby-doo like chase scene here*

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