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Hello Blue Screen of Death!

w00t! Blue screen is back with new message:


Apparnetly it's something to do with the memory. Okay, that be the last straw, I am backing up my most important stuff now and then try to re-install drivers and such. Mr. X gave me a web page that explains how to restore things on the computer without actually losing anything off it, and we'll see what that does ><;;

Hay fever medicine didn't seem to work all that great, just made me feel more sleepy than I already was --; but then a thunderstorm came so I couldn't go to bed and about midnight I was falling asleep on the sofa downstairs XD My dad then told me to go to bed but I left the light on all night cos I'm stupid and scared of thunderstorms at night ^^;;;;
Once again, lightening was pretty though. The storm was really wide so the lightening would start at one end then travel to the other end of the storm, so awesome :D

Okay first thing to burn are all my GX eppies. Then PDU and all my pictures and stuff.

Damn computer...
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