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Work was....meh...

Hummmm, so blue screen of death seems to be gone, or at least when I loaded the computer up I got no blue screen at all. I ran windows update earlier so maybe that fixed whatever was wrong with it. Guess we'll see if it's gone for good :/

Work was....meh...some good some bad *lol* There was this one customer who just could NOT control her kids, one especially refused to listen to ANYONE! Ya see our checkouts are like in groups of two and there is a small gap so we can get behind them, this one boy stood right in this gap and one of the supervisors, who was on the checkout behind me, told him 3 or 4 times that he was not allowed there, I mean it was an easy spot for him to take money out of the tills, but nope, he would not move. His mother kept telling him to move but he would not move, she didn't really make any effort to move him herself though >>; She just let him stand there really. So eventually the supervisor had to get the manager to come and it took him asking a few times before the kid FINALLY moved X___x;

But for all the troublesome kids there are really nice ones too and this little 3-year-old girl really got me to laugh, she was really chatty XD She was intrested in the key pad we had for the chip and pin and after declaring that her favoruite number was number 1 she asked me what my favoruite one was, so I said it was number 3, then she asked her dad and he was like "Number 7" *lol* It was so adorable X3

And that was my day! :D
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