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Dreams and Computer Errors

Okay so...my computer hates me again >>; I swear this blue screen thing is getting worse, I haven't had the chance to do virus scans and stuff so I'm gonna do that in a minute I think :/ But if it IS a virus it's already corrupted what it wnated too it seems (*Must back up important stuff too*)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/PDUTogepi/error_0285.jpg <---- teh blue screen of death (*Taken yesterday*)

Today I got the blue screen when I tried to load it up a second time and it gave me this message at the end of that other one:
"Beginning dump of physical memory.
Physical memory dump complete"


And this morning I heard the guy who presented the Countdown gameshow had died, that's sad ;____;

So yeah I had yet another bizarre dream last night, my dreams rock XD

So I'm in town and there are all these TV crews running about, each of them from a different TV channel and they're all doing news reports. One shop got channel 4, WHSmiths got BBC2 (*I asked them if they had gotten Channel 4 as well but they replied it was BBC2*) then I went into Wilkinsons and they had Sky News :D Helen and I almost walked in front of the camera apparnetly but the signed off before we did.

Okay so next I'm by this canal (*I actually called it the Chesterfield Canal which is one that runs through Worksop*) and I was filming with a camcorder about how it was apparnetly in a real big mess, then some thugs saw me and I ran off :D
Thing is that there was a guy hidden on the other side of the canal in long grass filming these thugs who seem to be using the side of the canal as their own little drug den Oo; One even speinkles this so called "drug" over the ground, I don't know why. At this point there is two of them and one passes out, the other then realize that this is not a drug it's FAIRY DUST! And supposedly it knocks you unconcious, now this was planned by the guy filming them cos he wanted the footage then a chance to escape but this guy found out about this fairy dust in time and starts yelling "Who did this!?!?!"

Okay so the guy in the long grass is freakin' out a little and needs a chance to escape before he's found. Next i know I have a view from the air and there is this small village behind this canal. I think I'm a Crobat or something, which talks too :D Then I fly down to a house which I think belonged to Asuka from GX and start taping on the window.

Nex thing that happens is Naruto's voice starts being broadcast through the air, saying "I did it" so the drug guy goes to the village but Naruto's voice is coming from all around him, he's all like "I'm over here" "No here"
Then Naruto and Jiraiya come out from between two houses and Naruto thanks "Ero-sennin" for lending him his tape recorder. Yeah....somehow he did it with tape recorders and not...kage Bunshin...weird. Then Jiraya says soemthing but then they realize the guy they were trying to fool is still there and....that's where it ends XD;;

I'm not sure I'm sane anymore...wait...no...I haven't been sane for a while XD;;
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